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Best thing I ever did for my cats...

As my friends will attest, I spoil my cats rotten.  The best thing I have ever done for them is to allow them access to the outdoors while being safe from the most common predators.  Using a pet door, they have 24/7 access to the outdoors to sleep in a sunny spot, smell the breeze, or to chirp at a bird going by all while within the safe confines of powder-coated steel.

I am a small, privately owned business that has been serving the needs of pets since 2015.  I design and sell my enclosures as if I was to put my own pets inside.  My cats have enjoyed safely visiting the outdoors for 8 years running without any incident by predators or escapes.

Thank you,

Kevin Marsh

Happy Pet Palaces

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What do I do next?

Attaching a pet enclosure to your home is a custom process.  While the enclosures themselves use standardized parts, the connection to your pet door requires measurements that are unique to your home.