Happy Pet Palaces

Why do this for my pet? Why choose happy pet palaces?


Feline Environmental Enrichment


Many studies have shown that our pet cats require a wide variety of external stimulation to be both emotionally and physically well. Exercising their minds and bodies have an equal value to them being well adjusted, healthy animals.

The Drake Center for Veterinary Care indicates:

“…an enriched environment will give cats the opportunity to create their own positive experiences in an enclosed space. The goal is to ‘create an environment of plenty’ for your cat. That means plenty of room, litter boxes, food, water, and things to do.”

Our enclosures, cat trees, and catwalks provide the following positive stimulation:

· Fresh Air & Nature Experience

Our Cats get to experience the sensation of smelling everything nature has to offer. This both stimulates the mind and body by exposing them to a variety of temperature ranges as well as nocturnal interactions. Our cats experience being outside but in an entirely safe manner….and they all thoroughly enjoy it!

· Multiple Height Levels 

Our cats can choose to be either at ground level or the highest point in the room or enclosure. They have options available to enhance their instinctual needs to either be up high or low to prowl.

· Cozy Places to Sleep

The additional height possibilities also add to the number of places to rest and feel safe. Multiple levels and locations mean that they don’t have to stay in the same spot every time or stake out their own special spot relative to the other pets that may share the same space.

· Litter Box Placement 

Having an outdoor enclosure provides the opportunity to put some, or all, of the litter boxes outside. This is a huge benefit for all parties involved as both cats and humans are turned off by excessive foul odors. 

Why choose Happy Pet Palaces for your pet enclosure?

The powder-coated steel pet enclosures which we offer have a proven track record of durability and safety—and cats love them. We keep predators out, while creating a safe, positive, and enriching environment to stimulate your cats and increase their happiness. 

Our primary goal is always the safety of your pets. We purposely over-engineer our enclosures by using powder-coated steel (rather than wood or PVC frames and chicken wire or plastic netting) because we know that your pets, like ours, are too precious to lose. 

Your Cats Deserve It!

Lastly, cats deserve more than a boring indoor-only experience, especially when a completely safe, outdoor adventure is as close as attaching our enclosure to a sliding door, window, or wall. Our enclosures provide years of joy and safety to your cats and dogs.

We are sharing our expertise and experiences with our customers through our products so that everyone’s pets can be happy and safe.

Happy Pet Palaces enclosure features:

· 2” x 4” 10 gauge steel wire mesh for side panels

· 2” x 2” 10 gauge steel wire mesh for roof panels

· Zinc primer under powder coating to resist rusting and corrosion

· Rubber feet on wall panels to prevent ground to metal contact

· Stainless Steel bolts and nuts in clamps

· 24/7 access by a connection to your pet door through a custom designed tunnel and wall panel modification

· Optional items include:

  • Shelves
  • Ramps
  • Steps
  • Connecting bridges and tunnels
  • Observation towers

· Expandable with little or no redundant parts

· Can be completely disassembled and reassembled in a different location

Our Cat Trees include the following features:

· All-steel frame with solid topple-resistant base

· Made with all hypo-allergenic materials. No carpet to trap allergens or “accidents” 

· Powder coating over steel with a variety of color options

· Unique designs for tree elements

· Replaceable coconut matting on all tread surfaces

Our Catwalks include the following features:

· No holes in walls design

· Powder coating over steel with a variety of color options

· 7’ tall to rise about most doorways and furniture

· Creates private sleeping spaces high off the ground